Draw By Night #24 –
Sandwiches + Pain

Our 24th party, which was largely inspired by the drawings of James Paterson. This was held at the VFS Café on Thursday, Sept 6th 2012.


Draw By Night #23 – Pixel Eyes

Our 23st party, which was also our 3rd birthday. This was a two-party event, the first at Maker Faire on June 23-24, 2012 and at the VFS Café on Wednesday, July 11th 2012. Both parties celebrated pixel art.


Draw By Night #22 – Aquavelvet

Our 22st party. We all gathered at the VFS Café, on Wednesday, May 9th 2012, in a battle to defeat the rain and welcome in the summer heat.


Draw By Night #21 – Quantum Leap Year

Our 21st party. We all gathered at the VFS Café, on February 29th, 2012, (a leap day!) this time to draw our favorite TV shows of the 80s and 90s.


DBNer #3 – Shawn Hight

Shawn Hight. The incredible digital puppeteer, and motion scientist.


Draw By Night #20 – Supernormal

Our 20th party in 2 years! We all gathered at the VFS Café, on January 11, 2012, this time to draw our favorite super heroes doing supernormal things.


Draw By Night #19 – Whoa! Nellie

Our 19th party held @ VFS Café on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011.


DBNer #2 – Anne Emberline

Designer, Musician, Illustrator, Writer extraordinaire. Anne, how are you only one person?


Draw By Night #18 – The Uncollectables

Our 18th party on
Wednesday, September 7th at the VFS Cafe.


DBN featured in the
Vancouver Observer

An article about DBN in the Vancouver Observer

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