Welcome to Vancouver’s only bi-monthly drawing party free and open to the public! Come armed with your favorite drawing utensil or just bring yourself and use our stuff! We aren’t picky, we just want you there!

The act of drawing is an effective way to bridge various disciplines in both art + design. Drawing is a universal visual language. Draw By Night is a public event located in the downtown eastside of Vancouver that promotes creativity, imagination and collaboration through the process of drawing. It is a collaborative drawing party which asks its participants to collectively and freely draw in a social setting on large rolls of paper. The objective is to be surrounded by like-minded creative individuals, listen and converse visually through drawing or be inspired by others to produce something individually.

Some of the many parties have included readings from authors, live music, guest artists and have collaborated in several other events and exhibitions. DBN #29, entitled “Memory Theatre” (based on Giulio Camillo and his notion of memory theatre), featured interdisciplinary artist, Cian Donnelly, streaming a live performance from his studio in Rome, Italy. #16: Killer Apps included live music performances by a band composed entirely of smartphone music apps, #10: Clown Envy was part of an exhibit at the Diane Farris Gallery and #4: Light, Alex Beim from Tangible Interaction donated his Digital Graffiti Wall for the event which was hosted by the Intersections Studios at ECUAD.

If you are wondering what it is we do, usually we set a theme, stretch out tons of paper and everyone draws together. You can collaborate or you can do your own thing.

During our events, we encourage participants to use twitter to discuss the event and post their photos / work to the facebook page. We sometimes make handmade books out of the leftover drawings to view at future parties. We rely on social networks as the glue to our community. It is also a way for our participants to have their voice be heard. Often, they will contribute ideas that are implemented into the next event. Without these existing networks, you wouldn’t get this type of immediacy. Draw By Night is a drawing party that started to engage like-minded creative people from various disciplines, get them in a room together and ask them to draw under one theme. The energy is always high and the result is always unexpected.

Currently, there are chapters in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Regina and Cologne, Germany. It is our wish to expand it to many more cities world-wide.

If you have any questions or concerns, if you wish to volunteer or sponsor an event, or if you want to start DBN in your city, please feel free to contact:

Myron Campbell : notsosimpleton (@)