Exquisite Corpse-3

Digital Exquisite Corpse

A great little experimental randomizer made by Macarena Poo Garcia

Exquisite Corpse-2

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching at the Vancouver Film School in the Digital Design program. The first class I ever taught I actually got to invent. I was asked to come up with an elective course that would inspire the students in their last term before graduation. At the time, I was really hungering for inspiration myself. I was looking for a way to generate a space where creative culture would thrive (which is also how Draw By Night was born). I decided on a course that, through a series of quick exercises, allowed the students time to experiment and explore the tools in an exploratory way with hopes that it would carry on into the creative process in their professional practice. It gave prominence and importance to experimentation.


One of my favorite exercises is called Exquisite Corpse, borrowed from the surrealists. There are multiple contributors and often only there are only markings as to where the previous drawing ended as a guide for the next contributor. You see then end result when you fold it out.


We honor this exercise but by using digital tools. These were created using adobe illustrator and students were given the same guides so they all lined up. I also gave them a few limitations (like turn all strokes off) and I gave them a range of colour to choose from in order to unify the objects. It was great for the students because they saw their style sitting next to someone eles’s. It’s these happy accidents I love to cultivate.

We just recently ran this course again and to my surprise, and delight, one student took time out of her graduate project to make this little randomizer for all the exquisite corpse pieces made in her class. Macarena Poo Garcia you are awesome! This is such a great gift and one that I am excited to share.

Digital Exquisite Corpse by Macarena Poo Garcia.