DBNer #7 – Cian Donnelly

Cian Donnelly. You will love this man.

Mr. Donnelly. We love him and we are terrified of him. But we love him first. This man sings, performs, draws, paints, makes films, costumes, masks and nightmares. I describe his work often to people by saying it’s like Teletubies on fire with their faces melting and the songs on half-speed. Now that sounds like heaven. We had a little taste of Cian and his work when he themed and performed at DBN #29 – Memory Theatre. Still is my favorite party that we’ve ever had.

Cian has been killing it lately. He’s got a little studio in Rome, Italy right now and he is just pumping new work out like crazy. Let me tell you something, it’s all amazing.

We will forever follow this man’s work, and you should too! Right now! Go! Get going all ready! Here go here first, it’s his portfolio website. Then go check out his vimeo page if you want to just watch some amazing videos. It will make you cry it is so good. Follow him on twitter as well, all right? OK good.

Thanks Cian for being so awesome and inspiring.