Pixel Eyes – “A short film” at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

A short film of our drawing party at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire in June of 2012

In June, DBN made an appearance at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, the 2-day-geekfest that hosts nerds of all sorts: Crafters, Techies, Designers, and Artists, all come together for one of the most inspiring, energetic and captivating events of the summer. In the spirit of Lo-Fi DYI Aesthetic, our theme of the weekend was Pixel Eyes and we supplied tons of supplies and lots of graph paper to draw pixel art.

We were fortunate to have 6 Digital Design alumni volunteer to run the DBN table: So thank you Amrit Pal Singh, Estefania Acuna, Vanessa Aldana, Itzel Ramirez Lozano, Paulina Solis and Hasan Habib! (Hasan also created this video) This couldn’t have been possible without their help.

Check out more of Hasan’s work on Vimeo as well as our feature article about him as well!

Thanks again Hasan!