Draw By Night #28 : The Profound Squonzeling

Our 28th party was held on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 at the VFS Café curated and themed by James Braithwaite.


All right, I know what you’re all thinking…WTF is a Squonzeling? And why, dear sirs and madams, is it so very profound? — The answer? I have no idea. But I know who does: Animator, Illustrator and all around Pencil-Swordsmith-Wizard James Braithwaite.

James was invited to theme and make the poster for our 28th Draw By Night party, entitled The Profound Squonzeling. The man, or at least the virtual face of the man, joined us via Skype from his studio in Montreal as we drew fictional medical diagrams and fantastical anatomy charts, which could tie in loosely with James’ short animated film, Persistent Infection (in production).

In no way were these drawings meant to be anatomically accurate. In fact, we used our imagination engines to dream up new insides to our bodies. Sounds fun, right??

Like always, this was a free all-ages event open to the public! Like always, people came armed with their favorite drawing utensil or just their bad self and made use of our stuff. We provided materials and sandwiches for their inspiration. They provided the Profound Squonzeling.