Draw By Night #29 : Memory Theatre

Our 29th party was held on Thursday May 2nd, 2013 at the VFS Café curated and themed by Cian Donnelly featuring a live performance.


The title of this party seems so very fitting for what I saw will be burned into my mind forever. And it’s a good burn. The work of Cian Donnelly is rich with nightmare and ghoulish lyricism and that was revealed in full living colour at our last party. The theme was based on Giulio Camillo and his notion of ‘Memory Theatre’. Throughout the evening the 80+ participants wrote and drew responding to the notion of Memory Theatre while watching ‘Banjorstring’ dance and sing in front of us. The following is the recorded live feed direct from Donnelly’s studio in Rome, Italy.

After the performance we all took to pens, pencils, markers and finger smudging and actually had the chance to draw alongside Banjorstring and his companion. While we drew melted Teletubbies we watched as he drew portraits from his studio, everyonce and awhile coming back to the camera to say a scary hello.

We wish to thank Cian for inspiring us to go to some dark places to draw some pretty incredible things. This is a party I will never forget.