James Braithwaite

DBNer #6 – James Braithwaite

James Braithwaite: Artist, Animator, Cat-caregiver

Jimmmy. James. Jimbo. Jojo. Jiggles. He is a man of many names and of many shames. I once saw him tickle a pickle at 500 yards and I don’t even no what that means. But no one does. James does though and you don’t.

James knows a lot of things and the man can draw those things and other things. When given ink and a surface to make marks on, he creates some amazing things. I had the pleasure of meeting James while working on an NFB film together in Montreal. One night him and I and a few friends got together for a drinking and drawing party at his house. I’d never drawn socially like that and I loved it. REEALLY loved it. It was something they had done quite often. Well I was hooked and when I came to Vancouver, Draw By Night was born. Thanks to James.

I was first introduced to James’ work when his film ‘I Met The Walrus’ blew up and received an Oscar Nomination. If you haven’t seen it you should. If you have, you should watch it again. It’s a pretty amazing film.

Since then, James has lent a hand to our little party and played a big part in our 28th Party: The Profound Squonzelling.

Will Ferral

James will always find love in Draw By Night for he is our father…or step-dad or uncle dad. This is getting weird. But if you like the weird and unknown then you will love James’s work. He has a wonderful site The Bathwater where you can check out his latest watercolour masterpieces. Follow the man on Twitter as well.

James, thank you for your inspiration and for your cats.