Draw By Night #37 – Saved by the Bell

Apparently ‘Saved by the Bell’ is not the timeless tv comedy series I thought it would be…nevertheless, we had an amazing turnout for DBN #37! The room was packed with new and returning VFS students, some familiar faces and visitors from an Emily Carr University class with instructor Luke Parnell. It was a raucous crowd, [...]


Draw By Night #36 – the THRILL of it all!

Summer always brings the sun, fun, relaxation, and of course, the amusement parks! Spinning teacups, houses of mirrors, ferris wheels and rollercoasters, what is your favorite ride? Maybe it’s the latest gravity- defying, stomach-lurching, heart-stopping 50 foot drop? On a sunny summer evening, we had a nice crowd get together to doodle, draw and explore [...]


Draw By Night #35 – The Game Plan

the 35th Draw By Night event can be summed up with two words: DOUBLE JENGA. Twister, Battleship, Jenga, Monopoly, and of course a deck of cards were at the ready at our last DBN The Game Plan. We had a great crowd come out with lots of outbursts, friendly competition and drawings of game-related characters [...]


Draw By Night #34.5 – MOV Team-up!

Vancouver Imagined: The Way We Weren’t March was a special month for DBN, with TWO events! Draw By Night #34.5 found us teamed up with the Museum of Vancouver and fellow drawing enthusiasts and local meet-up group Vancouver Urban Sketchers. Vancouver has been shaped by multiple decisions about what we chose to do and not [...]


Draw By Night #34 – Home Sweet Home

  The theme of our 34th Draw By Night event focused on an on-going issue in Vancouver: Housing. We teamed up this month with Little Mountain Project’s David Vaisbord, to discuss social housing, community, neighborhoods, and spaces for artists. Vaisbord has been working on the Little Moutain Project for over 6 years, documenting, filming and [...]


Draw By Night #33 – The Hand Off

  Our first event of 2014 was bittersweet: Myron Campbell, founder and creator of Draw By Night has left VFS for a new and exciting position as Assistant Professor, 2D, New Media in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, but the DBNers live on with the help of a new team of local artist and [...]


Draw By Night #32 – GAME OVER

Our 32nd DBN party was held on Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 at the VFS Café.

Exquisite Corpse-3

Digital Exquisite Corpse

A great little experimental randomizer made by Macarena Poo Garcia


DBNer #7 – Cian Donnelly

Cian Donnelly. You will love this man.


Draw By Night #31 – CATNADO

Our 31st DBN party was held on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 at the VFS Café.

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